Finding Time to Read the Bible Together

Just as it's vital for moms to find time to read the Bible alone, it's vital for them to find time to read and discuss it with their husbands. Not only does Bible and prayer time with your spouse add intimacy to your marriage, but it helps couples resolve conflicts and acknowledged their absolute dependence on Jesus for the health of their marriage and family. But if you can barely find time to read the Bible by yourself, how on earth can you find time to read it with your husband? Here are a few ideas:

* Ideally, you and your husband can pull out the Bible and read a passage together once the kids are in bed. (In my household, this always seems like a good idea - until the kids are actually in bed. Then we realize we're too exhausted to comprehend anything we read.) 

 * If your husband comes home for lunch, try reading a Bible passage together at this time. Remember, it doesn't need to be long. (In fact, shorter passages are easier to digest and really think through.) If there's not time for both of you to eat and then read the Bible, try eating before (or after) your husband's lunch hour, so you can do the honors of reading out loud while he eats. 

* Get up early together and read the Bible. (If you have young children, or your brain is naturally foggy in the morning, this may not be the best choice for you.) 

* Make sure non-essential things aren't getting in the way of Bible time. If you "don't have time" to read the Bible together, but manage to watch television, movies, sports, or participate in other activities together, think hard about how you're spending your time. (Statistically, most Americans watch 30 hours of television each week. Try laying aside just a slice of that time for God's word; you'll be glad you did.) Even "good" things, like volunteering at church or working for charity, are less important that immersing your marriage in the Word. 

* If you really can't find time to read the Bible together, try the next best thing: Choose a Bible passage to read separately during the day. Then, at night, discuss that passage together. If your husband has a hard time digging out his Bible in the middle of his work day, try emailing or text messaging the passage to him. 

* Make it a family event by having the kids read the pre-chosen Bible passage during the day, too. Then discuss it at dinner. 

* Or, read the passage aloud when you sit down at the dinner table, then discuss it while you eat. 

 * Although it's a nice idea to read a daily or weekly devotional together as a couple, it's far more important to actually read the word of God. So if devotionals are getting in the way of your Bible time, reconsider them. 

 * If you truly cannot find time to read the Bible together, something is wrong. One or both of you are spending too much time away from the other; it's difficult to keep a marriage healthy under these conditions. So while you're trying to re-arrange your life so your marriage is high on your list of priorities, try to at least read the Bible together every weekend. 

* When you've finished your Bible reading, be sure to take time to discuss the passage with your spouse. Then end by praying together. Although it's okay to allow just one spouse to pray aloud, in my experience, really praying together - taking turns talking to God - is much more fulfilling and effective. 

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