A Simple Marriage Cure

Want a simple but effective way to show your husband he's more important than most things in your life? When he comes home from work, drop everything and greet him. When we were first married, I did this without thinking. But as time went on, and especially as children came along, I found myself saying only a brief hello to my husband as I was in the midst of cooking dinner or corralling children.

But recently I've found that if I stop, put down the ladle, ignore the kids for a moment, and give my husband a kiss and a hug (the longer the better for those), he's in a better mood in the evenings. And why not? I've just shown him I'm glad to see him and that he's more important than the cooking and cleaning I do all day. If I then ask him about his day - and really listen to his answers - he is more cheerful yet. Once again, I've shown that I really care about him, his concerns, his difficulties, and his triumphs. Only after I've done this do I go about my work or start telling him about my day. Try it! It really does make a difference. Bookmark and Share


  1. I used to do the same thing when hubby got home, but since baby came along, I don't always make it to the door to greet him. Gonna have to make a point to do this simple--and not time consuming--thing for hubby!

    Though, asking him about his day actually makes my hubby more grumpy sometimes. I have to gauge his mood before asking. :)

  2. Liberty, good point about understanding your hubby's personality and what he will (or will not) appreciate!