Dollar Stetching Saturday: Hair Cuts

When my husband and I were first married, we were poor. Spending $25 on a haircut was a huge extravagance, so soon we were looking for other options. I'd never cut anyone's hair in my life, but it seemed our only real option was for me to learn to do so. With this in mind, we bought a hair trimming kit for about the cost of one professional barber cut. I was intimidated, but after reading through the manual, it seemed quite do-able. And truly, it was! Even that first hair cut turned out great, and to this day, I cut my husband's and son's hair with that same kit. (It's lasted about seven years so far.) What a deal!

As for my hair, I stick to ultra simple styles my mom or a friend can easily trim with a blunt, straight cut. (We haven't cut my daughter's hair yet.) But even if you opt for more complex hair cuts for the women in the family, just doing the men's hair trimming at home saves a minimum of $300 a year! Bookmark and Share

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