Dollar Stretching Saturday: Powdered Milk

Before I had two small children drinking milk on a daily basis, I'd buy milk for cereal or recipes and find that it went bad before I could use it all up. What a waste! That's when I learned the wonder of powdered milk. If you only use milk for cooking and baking, or if you drink skim milk already, powdered milk is your best friend. It lasts (unopened) for at least a year and a half; after that, it's still good, but not as nutritious. You can buy it in large or small packages, and you need only use just as much as is called for whatever recipe you're making.

For cooking, it works every bit as well as any other milk you might buy, even though it is skim. Using powdered milk is easy; just add some water, according to the package directions, and stir. Just be sure to store powdered milk in a dry, dark location, like the pantry. Bookmark and Share

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