Do Over Days

Some days, my kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed. They are grumpy, cry a lot, seem frustrated with everything, and generally make everyone around them miserable. Those are our "Do Over Days." I whisk them into bed for just a minute, leave the room, walk back inside, and hug and kiss them: "Good morning!" I say. "Today is going to be a fun, happy day, isn't it?" And most of the time, this really does improve their attitude. Do you ever have days when nothing seems to go right? You're grumpy with your kids, impatient, and generally making everyone around you miserable? Guess what? "Do Over Days" work for grown ups, too!

I had one of those Do Over mornings yesterday. I gave the kids something to occupy themselves with for a couple of minutes while I went back to bed. But here's the really important part for adults (and older kids): I prayed and read a paragraph from the Bible before emerging from my bedroom to say "Good morning!" to my kids. Just a few minutes to refocus and give our hearts over to the Lord can make all the difference between a horrible day and a day that's at least passable. So next time you're at your wit's end, remember: Smart cookies love Do Over Days.

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