Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Although we don't go in big for Valentine's Day at our house, we do take the opportunity to make sure we do something a little special for each other. My preschooler makes a card for her Daddy and brother, my hubby and I give her a card and a small gift (usually a heart-shaped box of chocolates, which she thinks is the grandest thing ever), and if we have time, we do some of the following: * Make heart shaped cookies, pancakes, or sandwiches. (For the pancakes, place a heart shaped cookie cutter on the grill, then pour the batter into it. Cut out sandwiches with a cookie cutter, too.) * Give love coupons. (Print little cards that say such things as "Stay up a half hour later than usual," "Have an extra date night," or "Wash your car.")

* Give love letters, notes (including those written on the bathroom mirror), emails, or text messages. * Write SHMILY wherever we can. ("SHMILY" stands for "see how much I love you" and can be written on the steamy mirror while your hubby takes a shower, in the sand box, in a little note stuck in a lunch box...) * Tell what we love about each other. (Create a list, a series of hidden notes, or a booklet telling your loved one specific things you love about your hubby or kids.) I also make sure my preschooler understands the history behind Valentine's Day. We read The Story of Valentine's Day by Nancy Skarmaes, which is the only children's book I've found that covers the topic. You can also scour The History Channel for more information about this holiday named after a monk who married young couples even when the Emporer outlawed marriage. How will you make Valentine's Day special for your family? Bookmark and Share

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