Marriage Bed Trouble?

At my house, we used to have marriage bed trouble. My hubby constantly stole all but one corner of my covers - except when I managed to cocoon myself in them so he had none at all. Other nights, he'd be hot and fold back the quilts - leaving me shivering. If this sounds familiar, I have a solution for you: Buy smaller bedding. Really!

For example, if you have a king sized bed, instead of purchasing a king sized blanket, purchase a pair of full sized blankets: One for you and one for your hubby. If you buy matching blankets or quilts, your bed will still look nice, but you'll never have to fight over covers again. If you like, keep one king sized comforter or quilt to place on top of everything else, making the bed prettier when its all made up. Just be sure to remove it before bed time to avoid cover fights!
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