True Rejuvenation

Our society tells mothers: "Take some 'me' time every day. You need it." On the other hand, the Bible says we should serve one another, not ourselves. Do you ever find yourself caught between these two points? I do, but as a woman striving toward the Proverbs 31 ideal, I must remember that while it's my job to serve my husband and children (among others), I do need to take at least some time to care for myself. If I'm sick or exhausted, I can't be nearly as good a servant. But here's the thing: It's not enough to spend time in the garden, or reading a great novel, or having your hair done, or whatever it is you most like to do. You can have what others might call a terrific night out "with the girls" and still come home feeling dissatisfied and empty. Having time for your friends and hobbies is important, but won't really rejuvenate you. It's only by spending time with your Father that you can truly be rejuvenated.

Some days, we moms just have to survive. Especially when our kids are young, it may seem impossible to find time to spend with God. I encourage you to keep striving toward the goal of being with him daily - even if all that means is a quick prayer after you lock the bathroom door behind you. But when you are weary - weary to your very marrow - make the time, whatever you must do, to spend at least a half hour with the Father. He will encourage you. He will lift your heavy heart. He will rejuvenate you. Go to him - not girlfriend time at Starbucks or alone time in the mall - and expect great things.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matt. 11:28
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  1. God will always answer your prayers but not always the way you expect.

    Since becoming a Christian, over 15 years ago, I have had the desire to wake up early and spend time with the Lord. Now, I hate to wake up early, I have a hard time doing it, I am not very disciplined so it really never worked. but God is gracious. :)

    Recently he brought me to listen to a pastor that airs his program at 5am and 5:30am in the morning. Motivated to listen to this pastor I have been waking up and watching his program. Afterward I always have some great conversations with the Lord and read my Bible. Sometimes I miss the program, but for the most part God has given me more personal time with Him now that I have 3 children under 7y.o. going on 4 children then ever. :)

    And it's so true, the time we MOMs need is time with our Heavenly Father NOT our girlfriends. :)