A More Meaningful Easter

Recently, I've posted about a lot of ways to make Easter more meaningful for kids, including making resurrection eggs, empty tomb cookies, Jesus eggs, and resurrection buns. But today I want to ponder a few things that can help make Easter more meaningful for the entire family. * Attend sunrise services, symbolizing when Jesus is believed to have risen from the tomb. If this seems impossible with young children, be sure to attend church later in the day. * Read the Easter story from the Bible.

* Provide an Easter treat for a family or children in need. Perhaps a neighbor's husband is deployed, or a family down the street is struggling with unemployment. Make their Easter sweeter by giving the children Easter baskets, or providing an Easter meal. Be sure to include a Bible or a children's book about the real meaning of Easter. * Plant an Easter garden. Easter is partially about rebirth and second chances. What better time to plant a garden? Unless there is still snow on the ground, you could plant cool season crops like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and carrots. * Watch an Easter movie together. The Passion of Christ is too intense for young children, but The Easter Story Keepers is great for kids as young as 4. * Visit the elderly - especially those without family nearby. Bring Easter lilies or treats, and (depending upon the individual's needs) a large type Bible or Bible on CD. (You might need to bring a CD player, too!) * Save an Easter lily. This while flower is associated with Christ's sinless life; the fact that it goes dormant ("dead" in winter) then "resurrects" in the spring with foliage and blooms, also reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice. This year, try preserving an Easter lily by keeping it indoors until your last threat of frost. Then you may plant it in the garden where it will receive full sun. Bookmark and   <br>Share

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