How Did Jesus Bring People to God?

Last week, my father underwent a sudden, emergency quadruple bypass. Although, of course, I was concerned about his health, what troubled me even more is that he is not saved. This got me thinking and praying more about what we mortals can do to bring people to God. Which reminded me of a wonderful resource I want to share with you: "Personal Witnessing - How Jesus Did It."

This free .PDF file looks, step by step, at how Jesus dealt with non-believers like the woman at the well, and offers some great insight into how we can mimic this in our everyday lives. Hint: It's not about being a high pressure salesman or dooms-dayer. Please read it - and if you've a mind to do so, please pray for my dad. He got through surgery fine, but I still wish he knew Jesus.
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  1. Rom 8:28 is my favorite verse and I have seen it in action. You never know what God will use to bring some people to Him. I came because I had an abortion. My Mom came because one of my brothers was involved with some really bad stuff. My other brother came because he was searching for the meaning of life. His wife came because she was at a crossroads. My husband came because he was afraid of Hell. I am still waiting for my father to come. He still believes he has to rely on him more than on Jesus. Your father will come as mine will also. they are in the promise... you and your house. In the name of Jesus, He is right now ministering to your Dad as he recovers. Lord let his heart be soft to your dealings and let him acknowledge you and come trusting to you. Let him know your unconditional Love. Amen and Amen.