More Love Than Money Father's Day Gift

Often the best gifts are those that cost very little money, but involve a lot of thought. These gifts are memorable whether given by a child or an adult, so this Father's Day, I encourage you to work with your kids to give Dad a More-Love-Than-Money present. My favorite type of More-Love-Than-Money present involves thinking of things you love about the recipient. Cut strips of attractive paper and write messages like: "I love it when you...," "Your smile makes me....," "You are the most...person I know," etc. Then make a treasure box to store these slips of paper - because, believe me, Dad will treasure them. The treasure box can be as simple as a kid-decorated shoe box or Mason jar. Or it can be an elaborate store-bought box. Once I used a lidded basket and sewed a silky cushion for the bottom. Tuck the slips of paper inside, and tell Dad to read one note a day, every day.

An alternative way to do this is to pick up some of Dad's favorite candy bars in mini size, or make a batch of his favorite cookies and wrap each in plastic wrap. Wrap or tie one slip of paper to each goodie, and every time Dad nibbles a favorite treat, he'll be reminded of how much he's loved. Simple, easy, and something he'll remember for the rest of his life!
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