Independence Day Facts and Fun

'Yankee Doodle went to town Riding on pony. Stuck a feather in his hat And called it Macaroni.'
'But what is a 'Yankee Doodle?' And why would anyone call a feather 'macaroni?'" Find out at Smart Central. And just why do celebrate our independence on July 4th? That wasn't the day the Continental Congress declared independence. It wasn't the day Thomas Jefferson wrote a first draft of the Declaration, or the day the Declaration was presented to Great Britain. Or even the day the Revolution started. Find out why July 4th is so special over at Want to understand the U.S. Constitution but get bogged down in all that out of date language? Try The Constitution in Plain English. Here's the Declaration of Independence in modern English, too.

Want to know how the Constitution has changed since the Founding Fathers created it? Check out How about original U.S. documents from the 18th and 19th century, like Federal proclamations for days of prayer and documents that show a more positive side to black history? You'll find copies at WallBuilders. Finally, if you think the U.S. is a democracy, find out why it's NOT over at This Nation.
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