Even Jesus Needed Rest

It's been a hectic month. I finished writing a book that was due today, I've been trying to implement The House That Cleans Itself in our household, I've been getting my 5 year old ready for kindergarten, and I've been canning and freezing up a storm. In the past couple of weeks I've canned: 21 quarts of peaches 9 pints of cucumber pickles 12 quarts of tomatoes 6 pints of apricots 64 quarts of blueberry syrup 48 quarts of blueberry butter 18 quarts of apple sauce I also froze a ton of summer squash and cabbage; I've lost track of how much.

I'm tired. Really, really tired. And while a Proverbs 31 Woman is productive, she should never be bone tired. Because a bone tired woman cannot be an effective wife and mother. If she neglects her own basic spiritual or physical needs, she's bound to start neglecting her family's, too. Even Jesus, during a ministry with such limited time, rested. So as I take a day or two to recuperate, I hope you'll remember to rest now and then, too.
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