The House That Cleans Itself: Site Zones (Chapter 15)

"Examine Sight Zones" is the title of Chapter 15 in The House That Cleans Itself - and what an interesting concept that is. In essence, Mindy asks us to enter each room and notice what can be seen from the doorway. Decluttering those sight lines, she says, should be a priority. This step is all about making your home appear tidier than it might actually be. Mindy offers an example of homes that allows people in the entryway to see into nearly every room.
"If the houses are nicely decorated and perfectly neat, the broad scope of the Sight Zone is very effective. But more often than not, from what I've seen, if there's even a little bit of clutter in family room and a few dirty dishes by the sink, the whole beautiful effect of the home is ruined. The house looks messy...If I lived in a house where everyone who came to my front door could see at a single glance all of the rooms where my family cooks, eats, and relaxes, I would probably go crazy with cleaning. Id never relax enough to enjoy my own home. Either that or I'd fall to the other extreme and give up on cleaning entirely..."
My own house has a pretty open floorplan, so this chapter gives me lots to chew on. But even if your house is more traditional, Mindy offers lots of tips on making your home look cleaner by paying attention to Sight Zones. For example, if your family has trouble keeping bookcases looking neat, The House That Cleans Itself system says that instead of putting that bookcase in a location where you'll see it as soon as you enter the room, you should place it where it can't be seen upon entering. This way, as long as the rest of the room is pretty neat, you and your family's brains will think "clean" before the bookcase is ever seen.

Working smarter, not harder, is what The House That Cleans Itself is all about!
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