A Simple Marriage Saver

The other day, my friend Tanya Dennis remarked she kept a "honeymoon journal" before she married. She typed at me:
"I knew a time would come when I would wonder why in the world I married this man. So I started writing down all the things I loved about him, little things and big things. It's all in this little book I keep tucked away in my dresser. Whenever I have a bad day and struggle to keep a positive view of him or our marriage, I pull out my journal to remember and redirect my focus. I still add to it here and again."

think this may be the greatest thing since sliced bread! As Tanya says, we don't want "negative thoughts to pervade our lives. They can be so destructive. In contrast, focusing on the positive can be life-altering and healing. It can make all the difference." If you know an engaged couple, why not buy them each a nice notebook and encourage them to start their own "honeymoon journal"? (What a great bridal shower gift!) And start your own journal about your husband today. I am!
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  1. This is a great idea!!

    I do the same thing but I don't write it down. I got a big hard drive in my brain I just make myself remember all the nice things my husband has done for me, the good things he has done for the kids, the qualities that he has that I don't, his sweetness, his desire for me. All those qualities that are really important to me and that makes him stand out from everyone else, like: he has never said a negative word about my appearance, he is always ready to listen to me and hold me when I am down, he always meets my needs, he loves the Lord and is such a generous man. :) I got the best husband!!! and yes, he does have bad days but I make myself remember his good days!! hahaha

    As a side note, that is what I do with the Lord too. When I am going through trying times I remember what the Word says and then I remember how He has delivered me in the past. All the times, He has come through for me financially, emotionally. All the sweet revelations He has whispered on the inside of me. All the times that He has seen me through. Oh, the Lord is good!!!

    Praise Jesus! :)

    PS this was a great post...I began my day on a very positive note...remembering all these good things. :) thanks again,