Be a Bible Smuggler

You and your children can be Bible smugglers, help persecuted Christians throughout the world, and develop a better sense of thanksgiving - all through one free source. Voice of the Martyrs is my favorite magazine. It's slender, but every time I receive a new copy in the mail, I can hardly wait to read it. The magazine (the publisher calls it a "newsletter," but it's full color and laid out just like a magazine) offers true stories of Christians throughout the world who are suffering persecution. In communist and Muslim-controlled areas, for example, Bibles are illegal, and so is any telling of the gospel. Yet despite this, Christians in those nations still worship God and tell others about Jesus' saving grace. Very quickly, I'm reminded just how fortunate we are to live in the United States, where Christians never wallow in filthy prisons or put their lives in danger because they love Jesus. My problems and worries seem very small, indeed, and I never fail to feel inspired by the perseverance and faith of the modern-day martyrs I read about.

Read this magazine with your children. Or, if your kids are young, show them the photographs and retell the stories in your own words. Talk about religious freedom and the spiritual, political, and religious reasons not everyone enjoys it. Together, learn about which nations restrict Christian activity, and add the martyrs you read about to your prayer lists. Becoming a Bible smuggler is also an exciting activity to do with your children - and you can do it from the safety of your home. Voice of the Martyrs isn't just about reporting; it's about doing. They smuggle Bibles into countries where they are illegal and offer support to the families of Christians sent to prison for their faith. All through donations as small as $5. A more worthy charity there is not.
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