Positive, Healthy Media for Kids

By now every parent knows television, computers (except for homework), and video games are in the bad category as far as pediatricians are concerned. And while many parents struggle to limit their kid's media time, I also suggest we think in terms of offering them more positive media and entertainment resources. For example, have you ever noticed that if you keep Christian music playing in the background throughout your day, your attitude is different than if you're playing the top 40 station? The same is true for your kids. At our house, the kids only watch DVDs or listen to CDs we pick out for them. Period. And one of our favorite resources for media is Adventures in Odyssey. We have a few of their DVDs, but mostly we stick to the CDs, which are extremely well produced radio dramas. My five year old begs for these shows and we're thrilled because: 1. My husband and I agree listening engages the brain more than watching. When you listen to a radio drama, you must engage your imagination. 2. The Adventures in Odyssey radio programs are not only clean and gently teach traditional virtues, they are Christian, too.

I highly recommend them for every family, whether your kids are young like mine, or teenagers. Even my husband and I enjoy listening to these CDs with our kids. Here are some good places to start: * The Truth Chronicles: 5 hours of entertaining radio dramas about absolute truth. Includes the true story of pilgrims * Cause & Effect: A new release. 5 hours, with stories about social networking, replacing Christ with symbols and traditions, and more. * Life Lessons: A series of 8 CDs on subjects such as respect, excellence, responsiblity, friendship, perserverence and more. * You can also listen to Adventures in Odyssey free on the radio. Find a station here. Or, download podcasts.
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