Delegating this Holiday Season

If you're like me, you're already beginning to feel the pressure of Thanksgiving and Christmas "must do's." In addition to trying to pare our holiday "musts" to a more manageable size, this season I'm going to start to delegating to my kids more.
Not only does giving your children more tasks lower your stress level, but it does kids so much good! Kids need to feel they're an important part of the household. Chores are the best way for them to develop this sense. Plus, chores teach them helpfulness and charity - as well as give them important life skills. "But they won't get it done right!" some of you are thinking. If this is what keeps you from giving your kids more responsibility around the house, it's time to prioritize. Sure, a kindergartener isn't going to do a perfect job sweeping the kitchen. But the job will be good enough - if you patiently teach her the right way to do it (and never do her work over because "it's not right"). By letting go of your own perfectionism, you'll allow your children to grow and thrive in your home.

It's a win-win situation. Your children gain experience, a Christian attitude, and a sense of belonging, and you'll feel more rested and less stressed this season - which helps everyone focus more on the meaning of the holidays.
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