Easy Thanksgiving Projects for Kids

I'm always looking for ways to make Thanksgiving more kid-friendly. Simple crafts are one way I do this. Most of these projects require very little time, but help teach kids about the history of the holiday. Many also inspire kids to think about what they are thankful for.

Try making the hats for the kids' table. Or, if the kids are old enough, have them tackle making their own hats. Find instructions for a Pilgrim maiden hat here or here. For Pilgrim hats for boys, go here or here. For instructions on making an Indian headband, look here, or try this printable headband.

An "I'm thankful" turkey is a great craft for kids of most ages. Try this printable version, or this version, or make one from a paper plate, as shown to the left.

Placemats are great for both the adults' and kids' tables. I like this "I'm thankful for" placemat. Or use the puzzle placemat here or here.

For more craft ideas, including a harvest turkey (decorated with glued on beans), pilgrim paper dolls, tepee crafts, and more, try this site.

And don't forget one of the easiest Thanksgiving traditions around, the legend of the 5 kernels of corn.

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