It Is Well With My Soul

I'm having one of those months. You know, the kind where everything is a struggle. Both my kids are quite sick and very clingy, my computer is broken, my backup computer is slower than a snail, the most important files on my broken computer appear to not have been backed up by Mozy, we discovered mold growing in our family room, my dad is supposed to visit for Thanksgiving and I haven't had time to de-clutter or clean the house, and I've been finishing up my 5 year old's Colonial Party costume for school. I'm weary - and often teary-eyed. What do you do when you have a month like this? Certainly I pray a lot and read the Bible in stolen moments. But the one thing that instantly melts away the stress is music. Not ordinary popular music. That narcissistic stuff actually tends to make me tense up more at times like this. No, I need music about God. Hymns are my favorite, since the lyrics remind me of deep biblical truths, God's promises to me, and God's love and mercy for me.

Unfortunately I have very few CDs with hymns in my house. Fortunately, however, I can get virtually any kind of music I want through Pandora - Internet radio that's 100% free. So give some hymns a try next time you're having a tough day, and see if your soul doesn't feel more comforted, too.


  1. I've had one of those weeks and you are right. I turned on some instrumental hymns and felt so much better.

  2. Love Pandora. :) And K-Love radio is good, though for me, my stress relief-music is generally classical music--Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, sometimes Haydn.