Planned Loved

God tells us to obey him - and to love one another. (See John 14:23-24), 1 John 5:3, John 13:34-35, Romans 13:8, and Galations 5:13, for example.) Yet few of us are in complete obedience to the Lord - perhaps particularly in the area of truly loving one another. So here's what we've been doing in our house lately: We're setting "Planned Love" goals

Each week, I make at least one specific commitment to show love to someone. My 5 year old does, too. For example, this week she vowed to help her brother when he gets frustrated playing with blocks, to pray that Mommy will have more godly patience, and to do her best to speak quietly when her Daddy is tired. Sometimes I guide her a little in choosing her goals - especially in the area of making them specific. But she is amazingly good at perceiving others' needs. 

I try to set goals related to people outside of my family, because as a stay at home mom, it's more challenging for me to find ways to show love to those outside our home. 

After the week has passed, we check in with each other. I ask my daughter if she kept her goals. She asks me about my goals. And then we choose new ones. 

Not only does this planned version of love encourage us to really think about how others need us and how we can fulfill those needs, but it keeps the command to love one another more forward in our minds. We are creating a habit and each week it becomes easier for us to see how we can show God's love to others. Share|

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