Finger Prayers

I've blogged before about teaching children to pray, but here's a little trick I recently learned that makes remembering others in prayer easy even for young children.  

As your child prays, teach him to close his hand. Then tell him: 

 1. Lift up your thumb. It's closest to your heart, so it reminds you to pray for the people closest to you. Pray for your parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. 

2. Next, lift your index finger. Teachers or pastors sometimes use this finger to point and illustrate ideas, so pray for your school teachers, pastor, Sunday school teacher, etc. for wisdom, strength, and whatever else they may need. 

3. Lift your middle finger next. It is your tallest finger, so it helps you remember leaders. Pray for our president, Congress and all other political figures, military, police, and local business or charity leaders. 

4. Next lift your pinkie finger. This is your smallest finger, so let it remind you to put your needs last. This is the time to pray for your own needs.

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