Reading the "Real Bible"

My oldest is just 5 years old, but she often asks me read the "real Bible" to her. By this she means a Bible translation, not a Bible storybook. I'm all for this. Although she may not understand the "real Bible" thoroughly, I believe hearing it now instills it in her heart - a conclusion I've come to after talking to adults who had the Bible read to them as children. 

There are inherent difficulties in doing this, of course. The Bible is full of mature themes, and at this point I'd rather not have to answer questions like "What's a virgin?" So a certain amount of preparation or editing-as-I-read is necessary. 

In addition, while she sometimes sits next to me on the couch and listens to me read, I find she's actually more attentive if she has some busy work - like coloring - to do while I read.

Lately, we've been reading from The Family Reading Bible, which, although better suited to slightly older children on up through teens, has made my job a little easier. This is an ordinary NIV Bible, but with sidebars containing very short commentary and questions for parents to ask. There are also reading plans in the back to help you work your way through the Bible, or certain portions of it. Last Christmas, we followed the Christmas reading plan, which gave us background on what the Old Testament says about Christ, as well as taking us through the New Testament Christmas story. Now we're working on the Easter reading plan. 

 Whether you use an aid like The Family Reading Bible or whatever "real Bible" you have laying around, why not start reading it out loud to your kids today?

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