Update on My Price Book

Some time back, I posted about how I was starting a grocery price book. Now, about 7 months later, I'm here to tell you that not only have I continued the habit, I love that little book! With it, it's been much easier to determine whether sale items are really a good deal, whether it's worthwhile to store-hop, and whether we should purchase the right to shop at a famous membership-only store.

Those who read my blog regularly probably realize I'm not the most organized person - but I've found it quite easy to create and maintain my price book.

I started with an index card binder I purchased at Wal-Mart. (Office Max and Office Depot both sell something similar.) I had a bunch of index cards already on hand; they didn't have holes punched in them, but this was easy to do at home.

Then, each time I went grocery shopping, I sat down the same day and choose 5 to 12 of the most expensive items I hadn't already added to my price book. For each item, I wrote the name of the item at the top of the card, followed by the name of the store, the brand name, the price, and the cost per unit. The latter is especially important because it allows you to easily compare similar items. (To figure the cost per unit, simply divide the total cost of the item by the unit - lbs., oz., etc.) Here's an example from my price book:

In no time at all, I'd filled my little purse-sized book with everything I typically purchase at the grocery store. To make the book easier to navigate, I eventually added dividers. The binder came with three, but I made more by adding tabs (found in the office supply section of Wal-Mart) to blank index cards. I used my label maker to clearly indicate what sort of items could be found in each section, including "meat," "grains," and "non-food items" (like dish soap and foil).

Periodically, I sit down with my price book and a recent sales receipt and update prices as needed. Seriously, if I can manage to maintain this handy little book, so can you. And I'm quite certain you'll save money, too.

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  1. Hey, Kristina! I love this! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I have been trying to mentally keep track of which store to buy what at (or to buy online) but this seems much easier.

  3. Love your price book idea, and the fact that the binder makes it easy to add, rearrange, or remove pages. I need to try this.

    Thanks, Kristina, for sharing your post on Homestead Abundance last week. Your post was one of the most clicked on posts for our Homestead Abundance Link-up and I'll be featuring it on Homestead Abundance tomorrow -- Christmas Day.
    Merry Christmas.