Keeping the Bible Handy

Like many moms, I struggle to find time to read the Bible. I've typed about various ways we can find time to read the Bible with our husbands or by ourselves, but here's an additional little trick to try: Find the right location for your Bible. 

When my kids were younger, I had a devotional area in my living room - just a place to sit where I kept my Bible handy. But when that stopped working (i.e., my kids wouldn't leave me alone long enough to focus), I knew I had to figure out a different routine. After some trial and error, I started keeping my Bible in the kitchen. 

With my Bible handy, I find I can easily read it during pauses in cooking. Maybe the kitchen is the best place for you to keep your Bible, too. Or maybe not. The idea is simply to keep it in a place where you normally wait. That could be your car. Or the laundry room. Or even the bathroom. Whatever works for you works for God, too.

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