The Best Free Apron Patterns on the Net!

Best Free Apron Patterns on the Internet
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I love aprons. Not only are they practical (I always end up with flour head to toe if I neglect to wear one), but they tend to keep me on task. And these days, there are so many fun aprons available, it's tempting to acquire a whole collection for every mood and whim.

My favorite aprons have full coverage, long straps for tying, and never need ironing. The latter is one reason I love aprons made of quilted fabric. Besides, if you're like me and you can never find a pot holder when you need one, a good quilted apron can double as one.

There's quite a market for aprons these days, and many of the most attractive ones are costly. It's not usual to see well made, pretty aprons sell for $40 and up. That's why I've been considering making my own aprons lately, even though I don't have much time to sew. Luckily, the Internet is full of free apron patterns and tutorials. Here are some of the best:

UPDATE 3/1/12: Click here for even more great apron patterns - including 6 from my personal collection of vintage patterns.

For Women
Smock apron
Vintage style smock apron
Butcher style apron
Martha Stewart's baker's apron
Martha Stewart's dishtowel apron
1940s utility apron
Early 1900s apron
Apron in an hour
Apron made from jeans
Another style apron from jeans
And another from jeans
Apron from napkins
Bib apron from jeans
Box pleat apron
Suzy Homemaker apron
Old fashioned plain apron
Dishtowel apron

Clean sweep apron
Reversible half apron
T-shirt half apron
Lined half apron
Half apron from jeans
Cottage half apron
Martha Stewart's crafter's half apron
Pillowcase half apron
Scalloped half apron
Hostess half aprons
Hostess petal half apron
Simple hostess apron
Vintage tie half apron
Sassy apron

For Kids
Kids chef apron
Quilt block girl's apron
Child's bandana apron
Girl's ruffle half apron
Mother-Daughter aprons

For Men
Man's grilling apron
Martha Stewart's chef apron

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  1. Now I know what to do with all these old t-shirts we don't want to use anymore. Or what fun project I can do with my MOM and daughters this summer.

    thanks for sharing. :)