Teaching Kids about Persecuted Christians

In the United States we know next to nothing about true persecution. That's why I love Voice of the Marytr's "Kids of Courage" website. It offers an easy way to expose your children to the needs of others while opening their eyes about the sort of freedom we enjoy in the U.S. 

At the website, you and your kids can find kid-friendly, recent stories about Christians in countries that persecute them, a map showing where Christians are most persecuted, fun and educational puzzles and activities, videos, and (if you sign up for free) downloadable activity books. Make a Colombian snack with bananas, learn games from various parts of the world, learn some foreign language phrases (including how to praise God in 10 languages), make a Chinese picture scroll, learn facts about many countries (including their prominent religions), and much, much more.  

The downloadable activity books alone are a fantastic resource for parents who want their kids to learn about other countries. I think you'll find Voice of the Martyrs in general and Kids of Courage in particular enrich your family's life. Check it out today!

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