How to Change Your Life

I meet a lot of moms who like the ideas presented at Proverbs 31 Woman - who truly want to cook from scratch, fill their freezer with dinners, or grow their own food, for example. But those wants never turns into "do's." Truly, I know how overwhelming it can be to want to change your life, but find it too overwhelming to make those changes. The trick to changing any part of your life is actually simple, though: Take one small step. 

For example, if you want to start cooking from scratch, don't make this your immediate goal. Don't decide to start making all your family's bread, pasta, canned goods, stock, and so on. You'll either never get started, or you'll burn out quickly. Instead, decide to make one thing from scratch. Once making this one thing from scratch is a normal part of your life, move on to adding one or two more "from scratch" foods. 

And don't decide you want to be more self sufficient, so you're going to buy a large property and start growing all your own fruits and vegetables and keep livestock. If you have little to no experience in these areas, you'll either never get it all done or you'll quickly get discouraged by failure. Instead, take one small step toward self sufficiency, like preparing a garden bed this fall, then planting it next spring. 

A really organized person would make a list of all her goals, then prioritize them and attack them from the most important to the least. There is certainly no harm in doing this. But if making that list holds you back from taking action, then the best thing is to stop hemming, hawing, and over thinking and just do something. A small something: Hang your laundry to dry, learn to make jam, declutter one area of a room. 

 And while all these these changes are good in and of themselves, the single most important change you can make in your life is to give yourself over to God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Once that change is solidly in your heart, work on reading the Bible daily. And then be known by your fruits (Matt. 7:16) - be a sheep who lives eternally with God (Matt. 25:31-46). Whether you're changing your life in eternal or earthly ways, these small steps add up to large ones over time.


  1. hi Kristina, I have started this... for 3 weeks now I began making my own cookies from scratch. using coconut oil or real butter, whole wheat flour, Chia seeds, ginger and dark chocolate I make enough to last a whole week. My hubby and children are cookie eating machines.... so knowing that they are eating healthier cookies was my main motivation. But now I am enjoying putting my creativity to work coming up with new recipes and teaching my children at the same time to bake cookies. Real family time!!!

  2. AMEN! My dh and I are taking steps toward these things and I couldn't agree more. It can be very overwhelming but taking one step at a time has made a huge difference.