The What I Love Game

I tell my children I love them about 100 times a day. But recently, my sister mentioned she always tries to tell her children specifically what she loves about them. What a great idea! So a new ritual in our house is the bedtime "What I Love" game. Each night, as I tuck them into bed, I tell each child one thing I love about him or her. 

Sometimes it's a physical thing ("I love the way your eyes sparkle when you're excited"); sometimes it's an action ("I love the way you give such gentle hugs"); sometimes it's spiritual ("I love the fact that your heart is so tender toward those in need"). 

 My children absolutely light up when they hear it's What I Love time, and it boosts their confidence and feeling of self worth, too. Now I wonder...What if I played What I Love with my husband each day?


  1. So sweet. And yes, husbands thrive off admiration that builds them up. I find myself complaining way too much. I am trying to remind myself to build him up before someone else does it for me. I think this would be a good dinnertime game between older siblings, too. My 7 and 8 year old girls are at the point where I don't think they like much about eachother! Maybe a "game" would help them look for qualities they like in one another. They are best playmates, but also arch enemies. LOL

  2. this is a great idea!! I need to implement it in my house. thanks for sharing.