Getting Children Involved in Charity

Last month, I posted some ideas about encouraging generosity in children. This month, I've been challenged to find more elaborate ways for my daughter to show generosity and charity. She's participating in a Character Fair where she must complete a project related to a these traits. But because the project must take a bit of time to complete, and because she's just 6, it's been a bit of a challenge to find charity work she can truly do on her own. But after a lot of mind-picking, thought, and prayer, I think we've come up with some ideas. See if one of these ideas is suitable for your child, too. 

* Children who knit can make simple hats, blankets, and similar items for premature babies and others in need. Find places to donate knitted items at Knitting for Charity and

 * Children who can sew can make parachutes for sneaking Bibles and Christian literature into countries where they are banned. There are also charities that accept home sewn blankets, clothes, and other items for the needy; for some ideas, visit and Cyber Seams.  

* Kindergartners on up can find ways to raise money for charities, like collecting and turning in aluminum cans, or doing chores for neighbors. 

 * Any child can sponsor a needy child - with a little help from you. Let your child do extra chores for your family, or for other relatives and friends. Send the money they earn to a needy child organization every month, then help your child write letters to their sponsored child. (I highly recommend Compassion International, which not takes care of the material needs of children, but also their spiritual needs.) The sponsored child will also send photos and letters back, teaching your child about life in other nations. In addition, kids can earn extra money to send practical gifts to those in need, including livestock, building materials, and eyeglasses.  

What other charitable projects might kids get involved in?

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