Neti Pots, Apnea Machines, and Brain-Eating Amoebas

I often recommend using a neti pot for congestion and post nasal drip, so when I saw this recent news story about an uncommon, but deadly danger related to them, I knew I needed to share it with you.

It turns out, using tap water in a neti pot can expose users to amoebas that work their way deep into the sinuses - and then into the brain. There, the amoeba destroys neural tissue, leading to death.

Experts therefore recommend using only distilled or sterilized water with neti pots.

And while neti pots may be unique in that they introduce water deep into the sinuses, this news story is also an excellent reminder to use only distilled water in items like apnea machines and vaporizers, too.

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  1. OH, I have a big problem with this article you linked to. isn't tap water supposedly safe in the USA?? How does the amoeba go from the nasal cavity into the brain??? Also water used in the Neti Pot is supposed to be with salt to kill the germs...

    I like to think we are alive and well by the Grace of God because sin and death are lurking everywhere. Thank you Lord Jesus for your protection.