14 Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love and pretty Valentine cards. It's actually a holiday remembering a man (St. Valentine) who loved the Lord deeply. It's also a great day to teach your children more about God's love and how we can spread it around. So this February, consider cuddling up with your kids to learn more about Valentine and our loving Father through a great book on the topic - then try some of these fun activities and crafts.

Valentine Countdown Chain - Count you way to Valentine's Day with this printable craft featuring a Bible verse for every day from February 1 to February 14.

2. Valentine Scripture Wreath - Make a wreath featuring Bible verses about love.

3. Jesus Loves Me Hanger - A simple, printable craft.

4. Heart Paper Doll Chain - Make these as simple or as complex as you like.

5. From Scratch Heart English Muffins - Make these ahead of time, then toast them for Valentine's Day breakfast. Or, partially toast them at lunch time, spoon pizza sauce on them, add your child's favorite pizza toppings, then continue warming until the cheese melts.

6. Heart Shaped Pancakes - Whip up your favorite pancake batter and pour some of it into a clean squeeze bottle (such as a mustard or chocolate syrup bottle). With the squeeze bottle, "draw" a heart shape onto the griddle, then fill in the center by spooning in some more batter. Then cook as you would any other pancake.

7. Heart Ladybug Card/Craft - Simple enough for toddlers through kindergartners. (Or try the heart octopus craft.)

8. Beatitude Hearts - Simple lace doily hearts that you and your kids write the Beatitudes on.

9. Love Is Lapbook - Help your kids create a lapbook about biblical love.

10. Toilet Paper Love Bug - A cute little craft. Click here for a similar, printable version.

11. Smokey Hearts - For lunch or a snack, serve up this simple heart-shaped food made from Li'l Smokies or hot dogs, cheese, and pasta.

12. John 3:16 Valentine - A simple craft focusing on one of the most essential verses in the Bible. Look here for more Bible verse Valentines.

13. Valentine's Angel - A pretty printable.
14. Hearty Pizza - For dinner, make a pizza, but instead of shaping the dough into a circle, shape it into a heart.

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