Fun President's Day Activities for Kids

* Make cupcakes with easy-to-print and create images of the presidents on them.

* Create flag treats by dipping clean, dry strawberries in melted white chocolate, then dip in blue sugar or blue edible sprinkles. (See images and instructions at Family Fun.)

* Make a popsicle stick White House.

* Throw a President's Day party packed with foods the presidents loved.

* Do alphabet code games for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

* Play "Rescue Flat George" with a dollar, some quarters, and a bottle.

* Make Abraham Lincoln's log cabin. (Or make this version from pretzels; here's a tutorial.)

* Make simple presidential finger puppets.

* Create an impressive lapbook about the Presidents of the United States. (Go here for more President's Day lapbook ideas.)

* Color some Abraham Lincoln or George Washington coloring pages.
* Make a cherry tree to go along with the famous (though fictional story) of George Washington in his youth. (See this version, too.)

* Do some online President's Day jigsaw puzzles.

* Make a paper plate hat like President Lincoln's.

* Turn yourself into Honest Abe.

* Do some President's Day research projects - and learn to draw the presidents.

* See some great images of Washington and Lincoln, read quotes from both, and read famous stories about the Presidents, including Washington and the cherry tree and a story about Lincoln's youth, all in a free ebook.

* Create a toy Abe Lincoln from paper.

* Create a model of George Washington's Revolutionary War camp.

* Make a mini Mt. Rushmore, using coins.

* Play George Washington games online.


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  1. Cute! We are doing a curriculum this year (2nd grade) for History that is solely learning about every president to date each week of the school year. I can really put some of these ideas to use for fun and review! Thanks! :)