Easter Basket Ideas

I really dislike spending money on Easter baskets that will just clutter our house, never to be used again. And who wants to buy cheap toys that last only a day? So I'm always on the lookout for cute ideas for Easter baskets that are useful after Easter, and which are filled with something other than useless toys. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

* Turn a sand bucket into an Easter basket. We've done this several years. It's so simple - and my kids always need new sand pails each year, anyway. Just use any type sand bucket - add ribbons to the handles if you like. Fill the bucket with sand toys, as well as traditional candy or eggs.
* Turn a hat into a basket. A simple summer hat with a brim turns into a cute basket! Choose one that has holes for air circulation and string a ribbon through them as a handle.

* Use a woven or fabric organizing bin as an Easter basket. When the holiday is over, use it to organize books or toys.

* Have your kids make their own basket from empty box, paint can, oatmeal container, coffee container, margarine tub, etc. by covering it with paper, ribbon, etc. (More here.) It may not be especially useful after Easter, but at least your kids had fun and it didn't cost much.

* Make an Easter basket from recycled paper, glue, and a balloon or from construction paper.

Instead of using fake, plastic grass, consider:

* Using no filler at all.

* Use shredded paper, which can be composted or recycled.

* Using real, living grass.

Instead of tons of candy and useless toys try:

* Art supplies, stickers, and playdough

* Books (maybe a new Bible storybook!)

* DVDs or CDs

* Lip gloss

* Pencils and erasers

* Bubbles

* Matchbox-style cars

* Flashlights

* Small puzzlesLink
* A cross necklace

* Playing cards

* Hair accessories

* Seeds (so your child can start a small garden)

* Travel games made from Altoid boxes.

* Flip-flops or crocs

* Sunglasses

* Jammies

* Jacks

* Chalk

* Jump rope

* Tops

* Finger puppets

* Small musical toys like harmonicas or recorders

In addition to typical candy/junk food ideas, try:

* These adorable bunnies made from packages of powdered donuts.

* No bake empty tomb snacks

* Jelly Bean Prayers (perhaps in a special box)

Other Easter Ideas:

* A week of Easter activities
* Resurrection eggs
* Resurrection buns
* Empty tomb cookies

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