Homemade Hair Detangler

If you have children with long hair, or you have thin or thick hair yourself, you probably buy hair detangler. I did, too, until I realized I was paying $5 for an 8 oz. bottle of water with a little hair conditioner added. Since then, I've made DIY detangler. Not only is it cheaper, it's so simple and quick to make. If you do a Google search for homemade hair detangler, you'll find lots of varying recipes. Some have more hair conditioner than others; but being a frugal mom, I'm all about using the least amount of hair conditioner while still getting the job done well. I use 1 large squirt of hair condition for every 8 oz. of water.

Do you hear a cash register ringing? You should, because that means my homemade hair detangler cost under .10 cents a bottle to make! You can use any squirt bottle you have on hand (wash it well first!), or purchase one from the Dollar Tree. If you have bottles of old hair detangler hanging around, you might use those, too, since they tend to have a finer mist spray than an ordinary sprayer. But, I confess, using our Dollar Tree sprayer works great!


  1. I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks for the tips!

  2. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I use vinegar on my girls' hair. It works great. Conditioner on mine because it's drier.

    Come see how you inspired me!! :)


  4. Tereza, I've heard of using vinegar to keep dark/brown hair shiny, but I didn't know it helped with tangles, too. And your garden looks like it's off to a great start!