Another Reason to do Chores with Kids

I've written a number of posts about why giving children chores is important. But this spring, as I push myself to spring clean (as well as do "fun work" like making dandelion jelly), I'm reminded that working with our children isn't just about teaching them life skills. It's also about being with them and leading them closer to God.

Sure, it takes longer to include the children in my chores. And some days I just don't have the patience. But whenever I exclude them, they loose out - and so do I. Because spending time working with my kids offers untold possibilities.

I get to hear their jokes that make me laugh not because they are actually funny, but because they make no sense. I suddenly notice how my three year old is starting to express himself more - and that he has a wicked sense of humor. I get a chance to discuss everything from why the sky is blue to how worms are good for the garden with my six year old. In short, I get to know them as people far better when we work side by side.

I also try to seize these times to discuss spiritual matters. These are not forced conversations; they fit in with whatever we are doing. For example, if we are picking dandelion flowers together in order to make tea or cookies, we talk about the amazing plants God put on this earth - to beautify our surroundings, to clean the air, to heal us, and to feed us. If we bump into some bugs while picking the dandelions, we talk about how God created these bugs for a purpose - which segues nicely into a conversation about the purpose God gave us here on earth.

If we're vacuuming and moping, we can talk about what it would be like if we never did those things - or we can discuss germs: Why did God make them?

If we're doing a chore somebody (or everybody) doesn't like, we can talk about why we need to do them, and how the Bible tells us to do everything as if we were working for the Lord. (Col. 3:23)

And that, my friends, is what it comes down to for we mothers. Our work of mothering and homemaking must be done as if we were working for the Lord. Because we are. We have precious souls God entrusted to us to help shape. One vital way we can accomplish this is to work alongside our children and point them toward God.

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