Repurposing Canning Lids

Wrist pincushion, via One Girl in Pink.
It's that time of year when many of us are busy trying to use up last year's canned goods in order to make room for this year's. And unless you have reusable canning lids, that means lots of lids to throw away or recycle...or repurpose. Here are some ideas:

* Hang on to a quantity of used canning lids to use for freezing goods, refrigerating leftovers, or storing dry goods. Just run them through the dishwasher first. If you want, paint the tops of the lids with chalkboard paint, like this.

* Use them for plant markers. Just paint and glue to a stick, or draw on them with a Sharpie, or use coat hangers to stick them in the soil, or stamp them instead of painting or drawing on them.

* Make Christmas ornaments from them by gluing photos on the front and punching a hole through the top for a ribbon. Check these out, too.

* Turn them into gift tags.

* Cover the lids with fabric and use them for gifts in a jar that don't require processing in a canner.

* Turn them into magnets by gluing photographs on them, then gluing a magnet to the back side. Or use polymer clay.

* Make one into a pin cushion, like the one pictured above.

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