What to Do with Crab Apples

Throughout the spring, I've been making note of the apple trees on public land in our area. As it turns out, at least some of them are crab apple trees. And that's okay! Many people won't bother with crab apples, even though they were a staple food source for generations past. In fact, many people around town tell me crab apples are not palatable - or that they are downright poisonous. Happily, neither statement is true. And if you can find "feral" old crab apple trees you can happily note they are pure and organic - not to mention free!

What Are Crab Apples?
A crab apple is simply a very small apple, 2 inches or less in diameter when fully ripe. If you like sour apples, you will probably enjoy eating crab apples without any sweeteners - although it's true that some varieties are more sour than others.

What to Do With Crab Apples (Ideas & Recipes)

For Cooking:
* Grilled ham with crap apple glaze
* Cornish game hens with crab apple glaze * Crab apple marmalade (refrigerated)
* A different spiced crab apple pickle recipe (refrigerated)
* Crab apple relish 
* Crab apple syrup
* French toast with crab apples
* Crab apples poached in wine  
* Apple vinegar

For Baking:
* Crab apple pie
* Crab apple crumble 
* Crab apple kugel
* Crab apple cake
* Crab apple bread

For Canning:
* Applesauce
* Pectin (for making jams and jellies)
* Apple butter
* Crab apple jelly
* Blackberry crab apple jelly
* Crab apple jam
Spiced crab apples
* Spiced crab apple pickles

For Freezing:
* Applesauce
* Pectin (for making jams and jellies)
* Apple butter
* Crab apple jam

For Drinking:
* Crab apple juice* Crab apple liqueur
* Crab apple wine

You'd have to pick a lot of crab apples to try all those recipes! Have fun!

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  1. Good to know! We have a few of these trees in our neighborhood that no one seems to care for. Sounds like I need to send the kids on a little "shopping" trip!