Where to Donate Garden Produce

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. "

Did you know that if your garden is brimming with food you can share it with more than just your neighbors? Many charitable organizations accept garden fresh produce, making gardening an excellent way to not only feed your family, but to feed the needy.

Although it's always wise to call ahead of time to make sure the charity or organization accepts garden fresh produce, here are some places that are generally eager for it:

* Battered women and children shelters.
* Homeless shelters.
* Soup kitchens.
* Community food banks.
* Church food banks.
* Community sharing programs.

Find these sources through a Google search or by visiting AmpleHarvest.org, or FeedingAmerica.org.

It's important to remember a few things before donating to any organization:

* The vast majority only accept fresh produce - not home canned or home frozen produce.
* Produce should be at it's peak; don't donate questionably old produce. Those in need deserve better - and by the time the food actually gets to the needy, it may be inedible.
* Produce should be freshly picked. Again, if it's been sitting around a while, by the time it gets to the needy it may be spoiled.
* You don't have to have bushels full of produce to donate; even small amounts make a difference.

Can you donate some fresh produce today?

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