Free Construction Party Printables

If your little boy loves dump trucks, loaders, and other heavy equipment used in construction, at some point he'll want a construction theme party. My little boy just had his second such party - and once again, I avoided spending a lot of money on banners and other decorations I know will just get thrown away. This homemade construction party birthday banner and accompanying signs are so simple to make - and much cheaper, too.

Included in this freebie pack are a:

* "Happy Birthday" banner
* Work Zone sign
* Boys at Work sign
* Men at Work sign
* Dig In Sign

The pack is available in Word format or a .PDF.

To use the pack, simply print on orange construction paper. (If you can't find construction paper that fits into your printer, just cut it to size. I lay an ordinary piece of printer paper - 8.5 x 11 in. - on top of a stack of construction paper and trim it with scissors. It doesn't matter if your cuts are perfectly straight or not.) Cut out each diamond-shaped sign.

To make the banner, use a hand held hole punch to punch two holes, side by side, on the top of each diamond, then thread ribbon (fabric ribbon or curling ribbon) through the holes. Or, use a needle and thread to string the banner together; be sure to take a full stitch (making two holes at the top of each diamond) so the diamonds won't twirl once hung.

To make a hanging "Dig In" sign, cut out and punch one hole in the top of the diamond. Use ribbon or thread to hang from a light fixture or the ceiling.

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  1. Hello very cute idea and free to boot:)
    Have a gread day!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Thank you so much, Love this for my Son

  3. thank you so much. this is just want i was looking for. you just save me loads of $$$

  4. Thank you so much for the Free Printables.. This was so helpful

  5. These are awesome! Thank you! I'm also looking for a free pdf of diamonds just like this with each letter of the alphabet in them, so I could include my son's name in the sign. Any ideas?

  6. Anonymous, if you download the Word file, you can easily copy and paste the diamonds and insert the letters of your child's name. Have fun!

  7. Thank you so much for the free printable!

  8. Just found these printables and LOVE them!!! Printed them out for my son's birthday...even scaled down the diamond and entered text to use for food signs (scoop up some salsa, load up on veggies, construct a sandwich, etc.). THANK YOU!!!!!

  9. Just found these printables and LOVE them!!! Printed them for my son's third birthday...even scaled down the diamonds and added text for food signs (scoop up some salsa, construct a sandwich, load up on veggies, etc.). THANK YOU!!!

  10. Oh I could kiss you right now!! Thank you so much!!!! 1 day to go and you have given me some awesome decorations!!!! xxxx!!!!