How to Turn a Toilet Paper Roll into a Seed Pot

What is the easiest, cheapest biodegradable seed pot you can have? Toilet paper tubes! Newspaper seed pots are popular (you can learn how to make them in my free ebook Starting Seeds), but I really prefer TP tubes because:

* Everyone has them and they are plentiful
* They couldn't be easier to make
* They compost really fast - faster than newspaper, in my experience

To make an seed starting container from a toilet paper roll:

1. Flatten the toilet paper tube. 

2. Cut the roll in half. Make 4 approximately 1/2 inch cuts on one end of each roll, creating 4 flaps. 

3. Unflatten the rolls and fold the flaps inward, creating a bottom for the container.    
Viola! A bio-degradable pot.

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