The #1 Biggest Mistake When Growing Herbs

Herbs are really easy to grow. Most grow, literally, like weeds, taking over the garden if you aren't careful.* But how many of you have planted herbs only to be disappointed by how little they grew? Assuming you've given your herbs adequate amounts of sun and water, if it seems like they just won't grow, you're probably making the #1 Biggest Mistake: Not harvesting them often enough.

That's right. Rather than waiting patiently for the herb to grow "big enough" to harvest, you really should begin harvesting as soon as the herb has several leaves. That's because cutting away herb stems and leaves stimulates the plant to grow more stems and leaves.

Many herb growers also fuss over how to harvest their plants - but you really don't need to. There are only two basic rules:

* Let 3 or 4 leaves stay on the plant/stem.

* Ideally, cut off each stem just above some leaves.

Honestly, I don't always follow these rules. For example, when I harvest sage, I cut the mass of leaves haphazardly, sometimes leaving leaves behind on stems and sometimes not. And my sage plant is still vigorous and productive.

So quit being so nice to your herbs. Hack away at them! They actually appreciate a good haircut!

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* To prevent herbs from taking over the garden, plant them in pots.

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