Harvesting Apron Patterns and Ideas

This morning, I wandered past the garden and noticed the peas needed harvesting. I found myself folding up my shirt slightly and dropping pea pods into it...which worked okay up to a certain point, but soon had me wishing - once again - I had a harvest apron.

Why a harvest apron? Holding a bowl or basket leaves me picking with one hand, which generally isn't a great idea because branches and stems are more likely to break. And sitting a bowl or basket on the ground not only requires stooping, but it means getting the bowl dirty, too. A harvest apron, on the other hand, requires no hands, and stays up and away from the soil.

Harvest aprons are as old as aprons themselves, and there are many ways to go about making one. Here are some my my favorites from the Internet:

* Gathered pocket aprons. (See my full review of this apron here.) These are sturdy and hold a lot! I like how it is reversible, too. Here's a similar one.

Harvest apron tutorial at Reformation Acres.
* 1944 "basket" apron - a variation on the gathered pocket apron. Includes scaled pattern.

* Pouch apron. (If you don't sew, this is a really good price, too!)

* Old timey harvest apron - with a tutorial.

* Big pockets - basically just a standard apron with larger than typical pockets.

* Envelope. This style is fine for harvesting small amounts of food. A similar one.

* Half apron. This one has large pockets, but also buttons up for gathering more substantial amounts of food.

* Egg-pron. This is also a cute idea, designed just for gathering eggs. Here's another.

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