Little House on the Prairie Activities

This summer, my children and I are reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books. They are not only entertaining, but quite educational, too. Here are some of the activities I planned to go along with Little House on the Prairie. (For activities for Little House in the Big Woods, click here.)

* Make a lapbook (or a book from stapled pieces of paper). You'll find some free printables for making a Little House on the Prairie lapbook here.

* Make a covered wagon. (Free wagon printable here or craft idea here. If you're feeling more adventuresome, try this playhouse style wagon.)

Little House on the Prairie offers an excellent opportunity to learn about cowboys and Indians (indigenous people of North America):

* Print out and use free cowboy lapbook printables.

* Make a horse from a cardboard box.

* Make a stick horse. (Here's one made from a sock.)

* Create a foot print horse painting.

* Make a paper cowboy hat.

* Throw an Indian party for your kids. Eat traditional Native American food, play Indian games, learn a little indigenous sign language...

* Make an Indian headdress. Simply cut a piece of cardstock or construction paper into a rectangle long enough to fit around your child's head; staple or glue in place. Use craft feathers, or "feathers" made from colorful cardstock, to decorate the headdress.

* Cook up some easy Native American food, like fry bread and hominy.

* Play Native American dice or other Indian games, found here and here.

* Make a paper totem pole.

* Make a paper tepee.

* Learn about writing symbols the indigenous people used. And while you're at it, learn some Indian sign language.

* Make a tiny bow and "arrow."

* Learn about various tribes and do lots of fun activities in History Pockets Native Americans. (I highly recommend it!)

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