On the Banks of Plum Creek Activities

As regular readers know, my children and I are working our way through Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie series. Recently, we finished On the Banks of Plum Creek. And, if you know me, you know we had to some some activities to go along with the book. Here is a big list of ideas; try a few with your children!

* Create an On the Banks of Plum Creek lapbook from these free printables.

* Download and complete this simple, free On the Banks of Plum Creek book report sheet.

Build a sod house. (Just a mini one!)

* Plant some morning glories, black-eyed Susans, or blue flags. (They are very easy to grow!)
Morning glories.

* Learn a bit about badgers at the San Diego Zoo website.

* Check out free badger craft ideas, free printable coloring pages, and more.

* Learn about a butterfly's life cycle.

* Have fun with free butterfly coloring pages.

* Get up early to watch the sunrise.

* See an antique photo of some of the grasshoppers that plagued the prairie in the 1870s.

* Learn why grasshoppers swarm.

* Make horehound candy - or buy some!

* Make a button necklace.

* Make star-edged shelf paper.

* Fry up some fish! (Clean and debone the fish, then dredge in cornmeal. Heat oil in a heavy pan, preferably cast iron; once it sizzles when you flick a drop of water on it, add the fish. Cook until golden on both sides.)

* Play "Ring Around the Rosie" or "Pussy wants aCorner" or "Uncle John" or "Cat's Cradle."

* Can you guess what a velocipede is? Check out some photos of old velocipedes.

* Make your own jumping jack toy. There are lots of instructions for these on the Internet, but start by looking at Handmade Charlotte, Spoonful,  and Bookzoompa.

* Whip up some lemonade. (Here's my favorite lemonade recipe.)

* Throw a simple town or country party.

* Make vanity cakes.

* Make popcorn balls.

* Make a nine patch quilt - use the nine patch pattern to make a pillow or pot holder. Or use the more difficult bear track pattern, instead.

* Learn about ball lightening - the "balls of fire" that Ma battled. (Be sure to check out this video of real ball lightening.)

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