Letter of the Week: A

A is for Alligator.
When teaching children the letters of the alphabet and their phonic sounds, there is no better place to begin than the letter A! Begin by drawing an upper- and lowercase A for your child. Then say, "A says aaa. What words start with the aaa sound?" Then move on to one or more of the activities below.

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Apple counting
Paper plate apple craft
Lowercase a is for apple
Apple handprint art
Apple games and crafts
An entire apple pre-K unit 
A is for Ark
A is for Alien (this is really fun, but less than ideal because "alien" doesn't have the most common phonic A sound in it.)
A is for Ant traceable

A is for Ant craft
A is for Astronaut
Lowercase a is for Astronaut craft
Abraham coloring page
A is for Alligator
Airplane craft
Lowercase a is for Airplane 
A is for Angel
Angel handprint craft (the angel crafts are fun, but "angel" doesn't make the short phonic sound preschoolers are typically taught)
Sesame Street: Letter A
Sesame Street: A's Anatomy
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Letter A
Sesame Street: Grover Finds Letter A
Phonics: The Letter A

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