Letter of the Week: B

When your child recognizes the letter A and the sound it makes, you can move on to the letter B. Below are a variety of letter B crafts and videos for your preschooler. Remember: While doing these crafts it's important to talk repeatedly about the name of the letter and the sound it makes. For example, say "This is the letter B. It says 'buh.' Like 'buh-ear. Hear it make the 'buh' sound?"

Learn more about the Letter of the Week series here.

B is for Bear
B is for Bible cookies
B is for Bread
B is for Bunny
Bunny handprint craft
Bunny cottonball craft
B is for Butterfly
B is for Butterfly (lower case)
Butterfly coffee filter craft 
Butterfly color matching
Butterfly life cycle craft
Be is for Bee
Bee craft
Bee toilet paper tube craft

B is for Bird
Another B is for Bird
B is for Bird (lower case; this is a kit, but it would be easy to make at home)
Bird stick puppet
Bird paper plate craft
B is for Band-Aid man craft
Beach Ball craft
B is for Beaver
Bat toilet paper roll craft
Boat egg carton craft
B is for Beach
Sesame Street: Letter B
Sesame Street: If I Were the Letter B
Sesame Street: Telly, Oscar, and the Letter B
Sesame Street: I Love the Letter B
Sesame Street: Gilbert and Sullivan Sing the Letter B
Sesame Street: Letter B Game Show
Phonics: The Letter B

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