Letter of the Week: D

Begin this week by reviewing the letters A - C; then introduce the letter D and the sound it makes. "D says duh! Duh, like duh, duh, dog and duh, duh dragon." Don't forget to sing the Alphabet Song at least once a week, and to watch The Letter Factory.

Learn more about the Letter of the Week series here.

D is for Duck
D is for Duck (2)
Duck handprint craft
D is for Daisy
D is for Daisy (2)
Dragonfly craft stick craft
Dragon (printable) craft
Dragon paper craft printable
D is for Door toilet paper roll craft
D is for Dinosaur
D is for Dinosaur (lower case)
Dinosaur handprint craft
Dinosaur handprint craft (2)

* K is for Kernels


"Dirt" Dessert 
D is for Dog 
D is for Doghouse
D is for Dots
Daniel (and the lions) activity
Daniel (and the lions) coloring page
Dandelion craft
Dandelion cookies
Doll paper chain
(Paper) doll craft
Dove craft
Sesame Street: Letter D
Sesame Street: Dee, Dee, Dee
Sesame Street: Daddy Dear
Phonics: Letter D

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