By The Shores of Silver Lake Activities

By the Shores of Plum Creek is a little different from the earlier books in the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are fewer descriptions of everyday pioneer life - and, overall, the book is more "quiet" and contemplative. Still, my children loved it. Here are the activities I planned for use while reading the book.

* Make a By the Shores of Silver Lake lapbook.

* Check out a photo of the surveyor's house, plus a photo of a replica of their homestead house.

* Take a virtual tour of the prairie. Also Also watch a video about the surveyor's house.

* Learn: Did Mary really go blind from scarlet fever? No! Read more here.

* K is for Kernels

Building the transcontinental railroad.
* Learn more about the transcontinental railroad (also here) - and read an eyewitness report of it's completion.

* Make a scrapbook, lapbook, or notebook about birds on the slough. List each birds on its own page, then draw a pictures of it; or print pictures from the Internet, cut, and paste them into the book. If you like, look each bird up in an encyclopedia to learn more about them. Good choices include: geese, ducks, herons, pelicans, cranes, mud hens, and swans.

A mud hen (a.k.a., American coot), via Wikipedia.
* Make your own sourdough starter and bread. Then make a simple yeast bread to compare taste and technique.

* While you're at it, learn a bit about the science behind sourdough!

* Cook some fried salt pork and gravy Or some bean soup, or baked beans.

* Plant a tree.

* Make a tree life cycle craft, like this one.

* Review what to do if your children get lost.

* Learn about buffalo (a.k.a. American bison).
American bison track (via Wikipedia).

* Watch a buffalo wallow.

* Make a paper horseshoe to hang over your door.

* Learn why horseshoes were considered lucky.

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