Letter of the Week: F

I recommend beginning this week with a "Fishing for Letters" activity. Begin by showing your child the letter F, then telling him the name of the letter and the "ffff" sound it makes: "Can you think of any words that have the ffff sound?...Does 'fffish?' How about 'fffishing?' Today we are going to fish...for letters!" Use the letters A - F for this activity. The rest of the week, choose from the F-related crafts and videos below.

Learn more about the Letter of the Week series here.

* Free "Letter F" printable book
* F is for Food
* F is for Fish
* F is for Fish (lowercase)
* Fish (ichthys) craft
* Fish CD craft 
* Fish Math activity
* Fish/Fishing snack
* F is for Frog
* Frog craft
* Frog life cycle craft (plus other frog-related learning)
* 3-D Frog life cycle craft (there's a very small fee for this, but you could easily create something similar)
* F is for Flower (lowercase)
* Flower snack
* Flower math activity
* Flower handprint craft
* Flower lifecycle craft

* K is for Kernels

* K is for Kernels

* F is for Foot
* F is for Fox
* F is for Flag
* F is for Foil
* F is for Fire
* Fire handprint craft
* F is for Family
* F is for Fireman (lower case)
* F is for Feathers
* Letter F free printables
* Phonics: The Letter F
* Sesame Street: Letter F
* Sesame Street: Flea Circus
* Sesame Street: Typewriter Guy, Letter F
* Sesame Street: Small letter F

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